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'ssh -1 -L < named_pipe' freezes

(gdb ) r test -a1 -a2 > test.log will not work with boost. Why?

/dev/sdb permission denied

/dev/tcp support in bash shell

/usr vanished

1.7.15 gcc post-install fails "altdir /etc/alternatives invalid"

1.7.15: gcc fails to load: missing cygmpfr-4.dll

Request to list new mirror

Re: [64bit] type conflict for INT32

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: aspell-de-20030222.1-3: Aspell german dictionary

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: aspell-en-7.1.0-2: Aspell english dictionary

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: aspell-pl-6.0_20061121.0-3: Aspell polish dictionary

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: aspell-sv-0.51.0-2: Aspell swedish dictionary

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: astyle-2.03-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: balance-3.54-2: TCP load-balancing proxy server

Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: bind-9.9.0-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cadaver-0.23.3-2: Command-line WebDAV client

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cloog-ppl-0.15.11-1 (test)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cppi-1.18-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: csih-0.9.7-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cygport-0.12.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cygutils-1.4.12-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: Cygwin 1.7.18

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: diffstat-1.57-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: enscript-1.6.4-4: A free replacement for the Adobe's enscript program

Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: expat 2.1.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: expat-2.1.0-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: experimental package: gcc4-4.7.2-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gdb-7.6.50-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gmp-5.1.1-1 (test)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gnuplot-4.6.3-1: A command-line driven interactive function plotting utility

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: GraphicsMagick-1.3.18-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: httperf-0.9.0-2: A tool for measuring web server performance

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ImageMagick-

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mc-

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw64-*-headers-3.0b_svn5747-1, mingw64-*-runtime-3.0b_svn5747-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty-1.1.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mpclib-1.0.1-2 (test)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mpfr-3.1.2-1 (test)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: multitail-5.2.12-1: View one or multiple files like tail but with multiple windows

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: openmpi-1.7.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: postgresql-9.2.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ppl-0.11.2-1 (test)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: rcs-5.8.2-1: The Revision Control System

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: sqlite3-

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: subversion-1.7.9-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: sysvinit-2.86-11: A System-V Init Clone

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: texi2html-1.82-11: A highly customizable texinfo to HTML and other formats translator

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: tzcode-2013c-1: The time zone package

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: w32api-headers and w32api-runtime 3.0b_svn5747-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: WordNet-3.0-3: A lexical database for the English language

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {aalib/libaa1/aalib-devel}-1.4rc5-11: An ascii art library

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {aspell/libaspell15/libaspell-devel}- A spell checker designed to eventually replace Ispell

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {autotrace/libautotrace3/libautotrace-devel}-0.31.1-12: A program for converting bitmap to vector graphics

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {compface/libcompface0/libcompface-devel}-1.5.2-12: 48x48x1 image compression and decompression

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {gnutls/libgnutls28/gnutls-devel/gnutls-doc/gnutls-guile}-3.1.10-1: Library implementing TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 protocols

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {jbigkit/libjbig2/libjbig-devel}-2.0-12

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {libEMF/libEMF1/libEMF-devel}-1.0.7-1: A library for generating Enhanced Metafiles

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {libfpx/libfpx1/libfpx-devel}- FlashPIX image library

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {libsmi/libsmi2/libsmi-devel}-0.4.8-3: A library that allows management applications to access SMI MIB module definitions

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {libtasn1/libtasn1_6/libtasn1-devel}-3.3-1: Tiny ASN.1 library

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {man/manlint}-1.6g-2: Man, apropos and whatis commands

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {neon/libneon27/libneon-devel}-0.29.6-3: HTTP and WebDAV library

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {nettle/libnettle4/libhogweed2/libnettle-devel}-2.6-1: A cryptographic library that is designed to fit easily in more or less any context

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {opencdk/libopencdk10/libopencdk-devel}-0.6.6-11: Open Crypto Development Kit

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {openldap/libopenldap2_4_2/openldap-devel}-2.4.35-1: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol suite

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {pstoedit/libpstoedit0/pstoedit-devel}-3.61-1: A tool converting PostScript and PDF files into various vector graphic formats

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {t1lib/t1lib-x11/t1lib5/t1libx5/t1lib-devel/t1libx-devel}-5.1.2-12: Rasterizer library for Adobe Type 1 Fonts

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {tiff/libtiff5/libtiff-devel/tiff-doc/tiff-opengl}-3.9.7-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {uw-imap/uw-imap-imapd/uw-imap-util/c-client}-2007f-1: UW IMAP Toolkit

[coreutils] Bug in du with -x flag?

Re: [ITA] gmp (libgmp-devel / libgmp3 / libgmpxx4)

Re: [ITA] mpclib (mpclib-devel / libmpc1 / libmpc3)

Re: [ITA] mpfr (libmpfr-devel / libmpfr4)

[Packaging bug] libMagick-devel-

[PATCH 64bit] automake 1.13.1-1: Fix config.guess result

`perldoc` and terminal size

Anyone running a recent version of KDE on cygwin?

Attn: JonY -- Re: Bug in ddk headers when used from cygwin

BASH and MAN failure

Re: bash-completion load times

bind 9.9.2-P1-2 doesn't accept client connections

Bug in ddk headers when used from cygwin

BUG: Pasting Smiling Cat with Heart-Shaped Eyes into ZSH locks MinTTY, requires force close

But it is cygwin related.

can't connect to sshd on Vista

Can't find X

Can't get bind named to run.

cannot find -levent

Cobol return code problem after implementing latest CYgwin 1.7

Codesourcery toolchain under Win7/cygwin can't find some files

RE: Compiling deja-dup

configure error installing atemu: C compiler cannot create executables

Re: cp "skipping file ..., as it was replaced while being copied

CRC mismatch in cygwin debug info?

CreateSymbolicLinkW needed

Cron Service Cannot Start: System error 1069 has occurred.

A Curl problem?

cygport autoreconf --force step stomping on perfectly good config.guess file

cygport debuginfo problem: packaging fails.

cygwin fstab odd behavior

Cygwin with clock_gettime and CLOCK_MONOTONIC - gives always 0

cygwin64 build recipe (was: Re: cygwin64 process substitution: known bug?)

Cygwin64 installed on D: gives errors on startup

cygwin64 process substitution: known bug?

Debugging totally broken with latest everything?

Difference in 32/64-bit curl.

direct interface to win32 api for char output

docbook2pdf errors

emacs-w32 and copy/paste with windows clipboard and the mouse


Errors compiling xemacs


FIXED: GCC can't find its header directoriescy

Fresh Cygwin-64 instal reports post-install errors for bash

RE: Fresh Cygwin-64 install reports post-install errors for bash

Re: fstab mounting fails for some cygwin users

g++ no warning about uninitialized variables

FW: GCC can't find its header directories: test C file

GCC can't find its header directoriescy

Re: GCC-4.7.2-2: Go/No-go?

handle leak in recent snapshot

Hang on CTRL-C (was Re: livelock on sigfe)

Here-Document execution fails with extra space after closing delimiter

Re: Issue with binutils-2.23.1-1

It does involve cygwin

It does involve cygwin (last message hopefully)

KDE ports

Latest Cygwin query.

Latest setup.ini references files that don't exist on the mirrors

libaa1 is in the wrong category Lib, should be Libs.

Linking Problems and undefined references to standart functions

Re: livelock on sigfe

ln -s do not work

ltfs / mtx built under cygwin

luatex font path problem

RE: Making NetCDF 4.2 legacy C++

Re: mintty and Control-` , Control-~

Missing mime types lead to broken pages in the package list.

Missing values in w32api enum

mmap fails to allocate memory (installing Ikarus Scheme compiler)

mmap(MAP_FIXED) vs mprotect


Re: Re: Order

parse error before "extern"

PDL XS module linking problem

perl 5.14 ncursesw: calling getbegyx() crashes

perl-Text-CSV and perl-Text-CSV_XS [ATTN: Yaakov]

pidof no longer works after upgrade to Cygwin 1.7.18

Please try the latest snapshot

Porting to 64 bit Cygwin (was Re: Difference in 32/64-bit curl.)

possible libtool bug blocking builds of Cygwin setup.exe

postgresql-devel package missing pg_config?

previously reported test case does not work in Cygwin 1.7.18

Problem with symbolic links and Mercurial's "update" command

Problems with GCC-4.7.2-1 (test)

python 2.7 module binascii not found

Re: Redefinition of `struct in6_addr'?

Regardless it is cygwin related

rsync: writefd_unbuffered failed (when writing to micro SD cards)

Server error 500 for snapshot list links?

setup incorrectly(?) reports "first time you've installed Cygwin 1.7.x."

setup.exe wrong percentage

Re: SIGCHLD is not delivered

SIGINT not received by processes started by system(3)


Re: sshd service will not start on Windows 7

Stack Overflow versus the Cygwin mailing lists (Was: prefork error : couldn't create pipe process trackerWin32 error 161)

Stale connected clients

starting cygwin shell

STC for libapr1 flock failure

Strange messages with last OpenSSH

Re: that does-or-doesn't thing

UDP/DTLS sockets communication pattern is broken in Cygwin

Re: Unix domain accept() and getperrname() doesn't return the client address.

username case sensitive with the sshd service

w32api lower version / mess in Cygwin 1.7.18 ?

Why can not Emacs run on Cygwin 1.7.17-1 ? (was: Why can't I compile HelloWorld ?)

Why can't I compile HelloWorld ?

Re: winln for native symlinks

Re: winProductName for Windows 2012 - CSIH

X windows behavior

X11 library package

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