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Re: Stack Overflow versus the Cygwin mailing lists (Was: prefork error : couldn't create pipe process trackerWin32 error 161)

Witness here the internet phenomenon where a one sentence throwaway line
made four months ago can cause multi-paragraph responses.

I'll try to make the point again: If you are looking for help for
software then the closer you can get to the source of the software the
better the help is likely to be.

This is obviously not always going to be the case.  Sending email to
the linux-kernel mailing list about a "command not found" error is
not likely to garner you much help.  However, asking for help in a
Fedora forum about Fedora problems is likely to get you some nicely
specific help.

And, when you download software from a site called which has
a link called "Reporting Problems" then it certainly makes sense to
start there for help.

Warren, this is the second time that you have seemed to be annoyed with
me about something I said that was not intended to be a slight or an
insult.  I apologize for any tone in my email which has caused you to
think that I hold you or stackoverflow in scorn.  I have linked to
stackoverflow here previously.  I know it is a valuable resource.  I
know that you are also a valuable resource to the Cygwin community in
your own right.

I'm not interested in expanding the scope of my tech support to include
working with you to improve Cygwin information on stackoverflow.
However, if you want to do that then I'm sure the whole interwebs would


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