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Re: cygport autoreconf --force step stomping on perfectly good config.guess file

On 2013-04-16 11:04, Warren Young wrote:
In trying to get sqlite3 built for 64-bit Cygwin, I've run into a wall:
during the cygport compile step, it runs

     autoreconf --force -i --verbose

This overwrites the config.guess shipped with SQLite with the one from
automake 1.9.  (I know this for a fact based on file sizes.)  That old
version doesn't understand Cygwin 64, so it gives a verbose error that
amounts to "upgrade, dude."  If autoreconf were to grab the config.guess
from automake 1.13 or the one shipped with Cygport itself, all would be

I can't run autoconf to re-generate this, since the file
has a bunch of old constructs that autoconf 2.69 barfs on.

I cannot reproduce such an error with the tarball, even with autoconf-2.69 and automake-1.13.1.

I don't want to suppress the autoreconf step, since the SQLite tarball
*also* includes an outdated config.guess script.  So, autoreconf *does*
need to be run.  It just needs to be made to DTRT.

For now, a workaround is to define WANT_AUTOMAKE=1.10 (or newer), as that is the first version whose config.guess detects x86_64-cygwin. Another workaround is to manually replace the config.{guess,sub} in libtool and all versions of automake with the copy included with cygport. BTW, the same goes for i686, as this would affect cross-compiling to x86_64.

In the long term, we're probably going to want to make this work OOTB. There are a few ways to go about this; I'll try to work on a proposal soon.


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