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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: expat 2.1.0-1

On 16/04/2013 14:25, Warren Young wrote:
> On 4/11/2013 14:38, Dave Korn wrote:
>> The static archive /usr/lib/libexpat.a was present in 2.0.1-1(*) and is 
>> missing in 2.1.0-1(**), was that intentional?
> I think I got that, um, "feature" for free when I converted to cygport for
> that package.  Someone is passing --disable-static to the configure script,
> and it isn't me.
> I've fixed this with CYGCONF_ARGS="--enable-static"  The static library 
> does now appear in the -devel package.
> The .a is about 3x the size of the .dll.  Is that normal, or am I supposed
> to be stripping the .a before packaging it?

  Yes, totally normal, it's a whole set of individual object files with all
their overhead, rather than just the linked text/data content of those files.
 No, don't strip it, that decision should be left until linking a final

> Does someone actually want this static library?  I'm going to RFU it 
> anyway, since I've gone to the trouble of fixing it, but I was curious if
> it actually mattered to someone.

  GDB apparently prefers linking statically to libexpat.  Dunno why, but it
saves me adjusting my dependencies in a package I'm shipping to a customer, so
thanks :)


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