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Re: emacs hangs when a sub-process goes defunct


And Ken Brown spoke unto the world. And said:
>On 11/14/2012 11:07 AM, Rockefeller, Harry wrote:
>>Emacs often hangs when I save a buffer which is also tied to an svn repository.
>>When I run ps I see the emacs child process 'svn' <defunct>.
>>I just had a very similar situation while running ediffs. But this time emacs hung up
>>with the child process 'diff' <defunct>.
>When you say the buffer is tied to an svn repository, do you mean
>you're using emacs as your commit editor as in the following report?

That report is about how emacs crashes when hitting Ctrl-G. This report
is about how emacs doesn't crash but hangs apparently waiting for a
defunct child process.

I've recently (since a few weeks) started to experience this same
problem several times per day. The only option I have found is to send a
SIGKILL to emacs and start over.

It happens when running for example cleartool in a sub shell or when
saving files over ssh or scp with tramp. When doing a 'ps -ef' I always
find a <defunct> child process of emacs - eg.:

   liejj    4968    7748 ?        14:30:47 /usr/bin/cygpath <defunct>
   liejj    7748       1 pty1     11:33:32 /usr/bin/emacs-X11
   liejj    5064    3976 pty1     10:10:20 /usr/bin/emacs-X11
   liejj    2024    5064 pty11    10:28:56 /usr/bin/ssh
   liejj    6300    5064 ?        11:30:58 /cygdrive/c/Program Files/IBM/RationalSDLC/ClearCase/bin/cleartool <defunct>

>If so, it's a bug in emacs-24.2 that has been fixed upstream for
>emacs-24.3.  If not, more details would be helpful.

I'll attach the cygcheck output. Is there anything else I should do?


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