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Re: SVN and executable permissions

Hi Burton,

On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 2:24 AM, Burton Samograd  wrote:
> bartels  <bartels@......>  writes:

>>> Is there way to specify to svn on the command line or though a config
>>> file that these types of files should automatically have executable
>>> permissions?
>> svn propset svn:executable "*"<your file>
> Any idea why this has to be done with the command line version of svn
> and not with Tortoise?

You asked about  "svn on the command line", nobody mentioned Tortoise
(which isn't a Cygwin program anyway).

Try this:

You can also try to put the following in ~/.subversion/config (note: not tested)

*.exe = svn:executable=*

After this, all newly added exe files should automagically have the
svn:executable property.

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