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Re: isatty gives wrong result via ssh

>> A followup question. My Windows application works with the Windows
>> Console API, and uses functions such as GetConsoleMode/SetConsoleMode,
>> GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo, SetConsoleCursorPosition,
>> ScrollConsoleScreenBuffer etc. When I connect via ssh from Linux to
>> the Windows box running Cygwin sshd, and then laungh this application,
>> none of these apparently work. Same if I connect from one
>> Windows/Cygwin box to another Windows/Cygwin box and run it.
> As I wrote before, your pseudo tty is a pipe, not a console.  One of the
> unfortunate issues in Windows is the fact that consoles are not kernel
> objects, and that they use their own set of functions, rather than
> allowing to control them via escape sequences.  Since your process is
> not connected to a console, the console functions have no effect.
>> Presumably, here, I should be using a Unix-like console control
>> interface, and link against ncurses port, provided with Cygwin.
> You can't link Cygwin libs against native Windows applications.
> They require the Cygwin DLL to run.

Is there a way to compile a dynamic library from within Cygwin (using gcc etc.), which itself would use the Cygwin DLL, ncurses port ans whatever else it needs, but which would have an interface so that a native Windows app would be able to load it?

I assume it would require Cygwin and its libraries installed to be usable - that's ok.

(I am looking for ways to control Cygwin terminal from a native Windows app., but trying to avoid being a

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