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(core dumped) mkshortcut

/usr/bin/emacs-X11: cannot execute binary file

1.5.25 legacy setup crashes under Win98

bÃblia sagrada

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: amanda-3.3.2-8

[ANNOUNCEMENT] NEW: automake1.12-1.12.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] RM: dpatch -- Patch maintenance system for source packages

[ANNOUNCEMENT] RM: jikes 1.22-2 -- Fast Java compiler adhering to language and VM specifications

[ANNOUNCEMENT] RM: o3read 0.0.4-1 -- Standalone converter for documents

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: abook -- text-based ncurses address book application

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: automake-7-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: automake1.11-1.11.6-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: bind-9.9.1-P3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: bsfilter -- Bayesian spam filter with Japanese support

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: checkbashisms 2.11.3-1 -- Check for bashisms in /bin/sh scripts

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cppcheck-1.56-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: dos2unix 6.0.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: fossil 20120808112557-1 -- DVCS with built-in wiki, http server and issue tracker

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gdb-7.5.50-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: getmail 4.34.0-1 -- mail retriever with support for POP3, IMAP4

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gnubg-0.90.0-4: A backgammon player and analysis tool

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: hp2xx-3.4.4-11: A HP-GL Converter

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: httping 1.5.4-1 -- Ping-like program for http-requests

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: indent 2.2.11-1 -- C language source code formatting program

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: libgc-7.2d-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: liborc0.4-0.4.16-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: libxml2-2.8.0-1, libxslt-1.1.27-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: licensecheck 2.12.2-1 -- simple license checker for source files

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: links 2.7-1 -- Text mode WWW browser

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: lzop 1.03-1 -- Very fast Lempel-Ziv-Oberhumer packer

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mairix 0.22-1 -- Index and search email messages stored in Maildir or MH folders

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mercurial-2.3.1-1 -- Python based distributed version control (DVCS)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: micro-httpd 20051212-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty-1.1.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: msmtp 1.4.28-1 -- Light SMTP client with support for server profiles

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: multitail-5.2.9-1: View one or multiple files like tail but with multiple windows

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: nasm-2.10.05-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: nspr-4.9.2-1, nss-3.13.6-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: offlineimap 6.5.4-1 -- IMAP/Maildir synchronization and reader

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: OpenSSH-6.1p1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: openssl-1.0.1c-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: optipng 0.7.3-1 -- Advanced PNG (Portable Network Graphics) optimizer

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: pcre-8.31-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: pngquant 1.7.2-2 -- PNG image optimising utility

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: posh 0.10.2-1 -- Almost POSIX compliant SHell

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: potrace 1.10-1 -- Utility to transform bitmaps into vector graphics

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: pristine-tar 1.26-1 -- Regenerate pristine tarballs

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: python-crypto 2.6-1 -- Cryptographic algorithms and protocols for Python

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: python-paramiko -- Python library for SSH2 connections

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: quilt 0.60-1 -- Tool to work with series of patches

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: rcs-5.8.1-1: The Revision Control System

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: rdtool 0.6.34-1 -- RD document formatter

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: sendxmpp 1.22-1 -- Command line XMPP (jabber) utility

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: tar-1.25-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: tar-1.26-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ted-2.22-1: An easy rich text processor

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: transfig-3.2.5d-2: Tools for creating TeX documents with graphics

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: tzcode-2012e-1: The time zone package

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: unifdef 2.6-1 -- Remove #ifdef lines from source files

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: wcd 5.2.2-1 -- Wherever Change Directory

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: wdiff 1.1.2-1 -- Compare two files word by word

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: xmon 1.5.6-3 -- An interactive X protocol monitor

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {gd/libgd2/libgd-devel}-2.0.36RC1-13: An open source code library for the dynamic creation of images

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {ghostscript/libgs9/libgs-devel}-9.06-1: GPL PostScript interpreter

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {lcms2/liblcms2_2/liblcms2-devel}-2.3-1: Little color management engine

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {lcms2/liblcms2_2/liblcms2-devel}-2.4-1: Little color management engine

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {libidn/libidn11/libidn-devel/libidn-doc}-1.25-1: International Domain Name library

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {libwmf/libwmf027/libwmf-devel/libwmf-doc/gdk-pixbuf2-wmf}- Windows Metafile library

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {ming/libming1/libming-devel/tcl-ming/perl-ming/python-ming}-0.4.4-2: A SWF output library

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {nettle/libnettle4_4/libhogweed2_2/libnettle-devel}-2.5-1: A cryptographic library that is designed to fit easily in more or less any context

Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {rxvt-unicode-X/rxvt-unicode-common}-9.15-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {xfig/xfig-lib}-3.2.5b-3: An interactive drawing tool

[BUG] Cygwin default mounts in 1.7

[cygport bug] Latest cygport goes into infinite loop in "Fixing libtool modules:" step ...

Re: [cygport] Errors when using install/pkg on files with a blank in the name

[ITP] amanda 3.3.2

[RFE][PATCH] cygport: allow for subdirectory specification via CPAN_AUTHOR

Re: [RFE][PATCH] cygport: allow for subdirectory specification via CPAN_AUTHOR

adding an ID with ssh password authentication broken passwordless authentication

associating volume labels with drive letters

ATTENTION JARI AALTO Re: quilt: permission denied problems with helper scripts

Attn: base-files maintainer? [Was: sshd from user account - env issues]

Autocompletion of shell variables

Re: Bash dumps stack after writing to /etc

bash output: ./configure: line 16: $'\r': command not found

bash very slow in cygwin 1.7.16-1 Win7/64 bit

Buffering problem in netcat server script

cannot execute binary file

clean cygwin install sshd crashes

Compilation issue after upgrading cygwin from 1.7.9 to 1.7.16

Connection to Cygwin sshd fails with "Operation not permitted" - bash works fine on mintty

curl (7.27.0-1), even curl --version, does not work

cygport (0.11.0): Installing dll's into perl site directories (not /usr/bin)

cygport debuginfo extraction

Cygwin 1.7.16-1 setup v2.774 problem for un-installable packages

Cygwin corrupted taskkill in windows commandline

Re: Cygwin crashes in kill_pgrp, _pinfo truncation issue.

Cygwin cygheap base mismatch detected error. Cygwin 1.5.18 XP SP3

Enlarging the Dos box window and font

File access slow with using key authentication.

Forks paralysing the CYGWIN system...

FREQ: cloud: /usr/cloud/bin/latex or /cloud/bin/latex

Re: getfacl seems to list wrong permissions for Group

gnome and hicolor exit code 127 for /usr/bin .vs. /bin


Hello! I think we met a couple years ago. Even if we didn't we could have a little talk, right?

include SHA1/MD5 hash/digest of setup.exe, and HTTPS

include SHA1/MD5 hash/digest of setup.exe, and use HTTPS

is pax available for cygwin?

kill of windows process hangs

large performance improvement 1.7.5 -> 1.7.16

Re: libgc bug when using Gnu C nested functions

limitations of TLS using GCC's __thread keyword and Cygwin

ls shows different permissions for the same file

MinGW's GCC and __attribute__((weak))

mintty: Ctrl-Q does not work?

Missing /usr/lib/ in libcurl-devel-7.27.0-1

missing package dependency git-svn, perl_vendor

multiwindow X11 and Emacs

No support for sharing unnamed semaphores between processes through shared memory?

nodosfilewarning with dumper.exe

OpenSSH, Windows 2000, cygrunsrv 1.0

Re: Options for getting mandatory locking in cygwin1.dll (was: Promote sqlite 3.7.13-1 from test status?)

Patch to fix tar directory access time changes under cygwin

pciutils package

peflags makes perl not print to stdout

perl man pages not working.

perl-5.14.2-3 installs broken symlinks

perl: inconsistent archname in build config?

RE: Pristine-tar 1.17-1 and 1.18-1 block bug or update-info-files bug

Problem during C source code compilation

Problem reading physical drive data with Windows 8 and cygwin, data is truncated by 288 sectors

Problem with ImageMagick convert and paths with frame selectors

Problem with tar 1.25 (request update to 1.26 please?)


quilt: permission denied problems with helper scripts

Rebuilded xemacs for cygwin 1.7.x gives "Process shell stopped (tty output)"

Request for tar 1.26 release please

Shelling out to cygwin bash from Windows vim Options

socket: Invalid argument

Re: SOLVED: Problem during C source code compilation

ssh tunneling and keys - how to...

ssh tunneling and private keys - how to...

ssh-host-config seg fault on Vista

sshd from user account - env issues

sshd service will not start on Windows 8 (Enterprise) because the netlogon service isn't running

Strange behaviour of mutt.exe

Suppressing annoying warnings

Re: tar won't extract all files when a file with exe extension precedes the same without extension inside the archive

Re: tcsh hang while executing scripts which use pipes with backticks

This can change ur life for the best or maybe it won't change anything. you can't know until u try. Anyway you r don't lose anything

Unwanted texlive invasion

RE: Updated: automake1.11-1.11.6-1

Using rand_r and -std=c99 with gcc

UUID support in mount and fstab

Win PTY library.

WRB - Installation Problems

xterm problem with Delete key

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