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Re: Suppressing annoying warnings

On 9/28/2012 7:49 PM, Daniel Corbe wrote:

I'm using emacs-w3m to render HTML messages in gnus on windows by way of the cygwin w3m port. It's working, except every time w3m gets run I'm greeted by this warning message:

"tty" option detected in CYGWIN environment variable.
CYGWIN=tty is no longer supported.  Please remove it from your
CYGWIN environment variable and use a terminal emulator like mintty,
xterm, or rxvt.

emacs is setting the environment variables, not me.  How do I configure
cygwin to suppress these errors?

emacs-w3m sets the environment variable. I just downloaded the source for the latter from and found the setting of the CYGWIN variable in w3m.el. Just edit that file and remove the setting. Alternatively, it looks like you could solve the problem by customizing 'w3m-command-environment'.

This is not a Cygwin problem. I suggest that you report this to the emacs-w3m mailing list.


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