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Re: Setup shows ? instead of size for some packages

[keep it on the list, please]

On 7/30/2012 12:32 AM, L Anderson wrote:
szgyg wrote:
On 7/28/2012 6:56 AM, L Anderson wrote:
Call me slow to notice but I'm seeing more packages appearing with size
? mark in the "View" window when I run cygwin setup. Also, I notice that

No, it isn't a problem. Those packages don't have any binary content, that's why setup.exe show ? as their size. We use them when more than one package is generated from the same upstream source, e.g. libsomething1, libsomething-devel and something-doc. In this case the package something, with "(source)" in its description, will contain the source, and the other packages will contain the binary stuff. What Aaron has described is another possible source of ? sizes, but then the packages would be in the Misc category, as setup.exe wouldn't have the category info either.


Another thing I noticed is that under the "New" column of
setup.exe-View, the items are "Skip" where I haven't installed the
source packages. In those cases, when I toggle the "Skip", the version
numbers shows and the sizes are filled in and remain so even if I toggle
back to "Skip".

The case Aaron described is not my case because I use my own mirror and
everything is there. So I guess I'm curious as to why source packages
are not treated the same as binary packages when it comes to size.

A package consists of a binary and a source part (you can install them separately by ticking the checkboxes on the package selection dialog), and setup.exe shows size of the binary part by default, as usually this is what you want to install.

The split source packages are results of afterthought. They add another level of indirection by representing the source/binary distinction not only on the part level, but on the package level too. However, setup.exe knows nothing about this, so it can't handle those packages very well.


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