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Re: Rebase: still struggling with it

On 7/31/2012 2:45 PM, Charles Smith wrote:
Thank you for the fast response. Unfortunately, I don't have a /proc/process*:

$ ls /proc
1772  3992     filesystems  misc    partitions  registry64  swaps    uptime
1884  cpuinfo  loadavg      mounts  registry    self        sys      version
2908  devices  meminfo      net     registry32  stat        sysvipc

1772, 3992, 1884 and 2904 are process ID

and I don't find anything with an asterisk in the rebase -si listing shown at the bottom of this email. But I do have process-numbered directories in /proc, and this command, executed in /proc:

grep 250000 */maps

yielded this output:

1412/maps:00250000-00251000 r--p 00000000 E088:4805 562949953431982 /usr/bin/cygXdmcp-6.dll

it is loaded at 00250000

$ cat /usr/bin/cygcrypt-0.dll base 0x44000000 size 0x00008000 /usr/bin/cygXdmcp-6.dll base 0x61440000 size 0x0000a000

but its base address is 0x61440000 and it looks too low compared to 0x61480000 that is still probably occupied by cygwin1.dll (at least on my system)

what do you find in the /proc/PROCESS_ID/maps around 0x61440000 ?


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