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Re: gethostbyname conflicts

On 7/25/2012 3:20 PM, Bernd Prager wrote:

I am having troubles compiling a boost package due to conflicting declarations:

/usr/include/w32api/winsock2.h:635:33: error: declaration of C function ‘int
gethostname(char*, int)’ conflicts with
/usr/include/sys/unistd.h:238:6: error: previous declaration ‘int
gethostname(char*, size_t)’ here

Can that get fixed?

You want to have a look at the configuration for the Boost package you're building. It should not be including things from the w32api if it's building for Cygwin.

If you aren't aware, Cygwin has a Boost package already.  If you're
looking for a more current version, you may find you have better luck
using the build scripts for the current Cygwin package as a basis if
you prefer not to wait for the Cygwin maintainer to release an update.



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