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Re: Cannot Execute urxvt after upgrade

On 7/23/2012 8:11 PM, K Stahl wrote:
$realjob has been kicking my *** for months now. But the light at the end of
the tunnel has begun glimmering; if it doesn't turn out to be an oncoming
train I should have time this weekend.

Awesome! I look forward to anything you can do to resolve this issue.

In the interim, I've played around with trying to get urxvt to work (with a fatal hiccup).

Downloaded rxvt-unicode-9.15.tar.bz2 and performed the following:
$ tar xf rxvt-unicode-9.15.tar.bz2
$ cd rxvt-unicode-9.15/
$ ./configure --enable-everything --disable-wtmp --disable-lastlog
$ make
$ make install (This fails for some reason)

 From here, I performed
$ cd src && make install
$ cd doc && make install

NOTE: The default configuration installs everything into /usr/local/bin

I was able to open a terminal, but as soon as I perform "man urxvt",
the terminal dies (e.g. disappears).

This has exceeded my experience with building/installing, so I'm once
again suck.


why not download the rxvt-unicode-X-9.07-1 source rename the rxvt-unicode-X-9.07-1.{cygport,cygwin.patch,src.patch} to rxvt-unicode-X-9.07-2.{cygport,cygwin.patch,src.patch} and trying

cygport rxvt-unicode-X-9.07-2.cygport almostall

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