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Re: RAID devices not listed under /dev on cygwin

On 23/07/2012 9:49, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Jul 21 13:09, Aaron Schneider wrote:
On 21/07/2012 11:11, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

Not at all. I mean that fedora live dvd sees the virtual raid device
md126 while cygwin doesn't under /dev.

Oh, come one. You wrote a mail exclusively with Linux content. How was anybody supposed to know this is about Cygwin at all?

Cygwin lists the devices which are harddisks in terms of the native NT
namespace.  What you see are the translations of the device names
\Device\HarddiskX\PartitionY to /dev/sd*.
If the device you're referring to is is not available as device in
this notation, you won't see it.

If you can find the NT equivalent of your Linux md126 device in the
native NT namespace under /proc/sys/Device, we can talk about covering
them somehow.  Other than that, you can probably access it via
/cygdrive/<drive-letter>, right?


You are right that I wasn't clear enough in the title, sorry for that.

As well I made a mistake in naming, the c: drive in windows (which is mounted in /cygdrive/c/) is md123p3 in linux not md123 which is the whole raid volume.

But, taking it back into windows, I've found that the raid volume is at either of these locations:

/proc/sys/Device/Harddisk0/Partition0 -> /proc/sys/Device/Harddisk0/DR0

Here is also the attachment Volume0_raid_info.txt with extensive information.

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