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Re: Confusing, but not fatal bug....rmdir removed network dir (rename to .____00000hexnum/)

On Jul 21 22:56, Linda Walsh wrote:
> I sometimes use "rmdir *" to clean up empty dir's.
> This is not safe running under cygwin on Win7-64 when
> interacting with network-shares hosted on a samba
> server with unix extensions.
> I do not know why and there was no permanent damage, but
> two of my directories -- both real directories (not symlinks or such)
> one, Documents/Desktop (it would have been pointed to by a windows symlink
> in my home dir),
> a subdir under my Pictures dir -- that AFAIK, has no symlinks pointing
> at it, though the Pictures dir itself has multiple symlinks pointing
> to it (~/Pictures ~/Documents/Pictures).
> Only those two dirs were affected
> (they were actually renamed to
> .___00000000c35e9519042054f270dcabaa/
> .___000000000005ec3bf67c17a3eb678016/
> ---
> Both had open files in them as well but no files were
> missing (i.e. no signs of contents attempting to be
> removed like a rm -fr might have tried)...
> Just the dir couldn't be removed (non-empty dirs are like
> that), so it apparently was renamed to some random name.
> There doesn't appear to be any entries in my pending-moves
> operations, so I don't know what might have tried to trigger
> their removal...(?)...
> Anyway, I was editing a file in one of the dirs and when I
> went to save, it couldn't... that's when I couldn't find
> the caught pretty fast, and ran 'find' and found
> my Desktop had also gotten deleted (not that I'd noticed,
> likely, until I rebooted, or tried to add/subtract an icon/file
> on my desktop).
> (Yeah... my desktop is in a remote dir on the net, so when
> the net is down, I get a blank desktop where nothing can
> be saved...)...though having it in my doc folders on the net
> allows me have a common desktop content on multiple computers
> and accounts that share that doc dir.
> After I restored it, (rename from ugly to correct name),
> I tried the same rmdir again -- did it again.

This behaviour is definitely not normal.

I just had another look into the source code, and on second thought,
there might be a chance that the test for a non-empty dir is skipped
and the dir is renamed instead.

The only problem is that:  Even though I see how I could potentially
enforce the situation, I fail to reproduce it.  Can you explicitely show
an ls of the dir and an strace of an rmdir which succeeded to rename the

I'll might send you a test DLL via PM at one point, if that's ok with


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Red Hat

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