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RE: Permission request from "Translation for education"

Corinna Vinschen sent the following at Tuesday, July 17, 2012 3:01 PM
>On Jul 17 17:20, Aram Agabekyan wrote:
>> I am a student at the Department of Foreign Languages and at the
>> same time a volunteer at an organization named "Translation for
>> Education". I love surfing on the Internet and being informed about
>> the latest happenings around me. Unfortunately, most of my fellow
>> citizens don't know English, so that makes them feel somehow
>> excluded from all this variety of useful info from the Internet.
>> That was the reason that made me decide to start being a volunteer
>> at such an NGO. So I created a blog, where I post translations of
>> some of the texts that really caught my attention. Sometimes it's a
>> simple description of some organization, and sometimes it might be a
>> narrowly specialized scientific article.
>> Don't you think that I do that without authors' permission! I do ask
>> them if they let me translate and then post the translation on my
>> blog. And if they don't, then they don't.
>> So I am asking you about the same, actually. Could you provide me
>> the permission to translate the article on page
>> into Armenian, on condition that the
>> translation is absolutely non-commercial and I will mention and
>> credit you as the author of the article, and put the link to your
>> source next to my translation too.
>> Hoping for your understanding and waiting for your answer!
>Sounds interesting. No problem at all. It would just be nice if you
>could post an URL to this list once your translation is finished.
>Btw., I suggest to add the date of the translation. The FAQs don't
>change that often, but if they change, your translation might be
>partially outdated without the readers being aware of it.

Perhaps one could add the copyright-related text found on the User's
Guide and API Reference to the FAQ.  Or consider applying it to the
entire - or at least large sections of - the site?  It might avoid
future related questions.

- Barry
  Disclaimer: Statements made herein are not made on behalf of NIAID.

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