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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: TeX Live 2012

Am 17.07.2012 05:07, schrieb Ken Brown:
> On 7/16/2012 6:48 PM, Sven KÃhler wrote:
>> Am 16.07.2012 13:39, schrieb Ken Brown:
>>> Cygwin's TeX Live packages have been updated to the latest upstream
>>> release, TeX Live 2012.
>> Just updated cygwin inside my Windows 7 virtual machine. It's not
>> looking good. The following kind of generic error shows in mintty:
>> -bash: /usr/bin/pdflatex: Bad address
> Have you tried rebaseall?


> If that doesn't help, please make a full
> problem report, following the guidelines at

I wonder, whether it would have helped. But the mystery is solved now,
even though another mystery remains. Long story short:
1) "Bad address" is just a very confusing error message
2) There's a packaging error, namely that pdftex.exe depends on
cygpoppler-26.dll, but the texlive packages don't depend on the
libpoppler26 package.

Please fix 2).

What about 1)? Is this a known problem, that cygwin reports "Bad
address" when a DLL cannot be found? Shouldn't cygwin print a more more
comprehensive error message like "cygpoppler-26.dll not found"?


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