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Re: pthread help

Greetings, LMH!

> Sorry for the confusion. It is probably better classified as a Linux 
> emulator.

It's not more an emulator, than WINE. Which is NOT an emulator.

> I think of it more or less as a virtualized OS,

Which is totally wrong thought.
It's not virtualized, it's exactly opposite. Pretty much naturalized. you
could even share handles between Cygwin and non-Cygwin processes.

> but that's not exactly right either (I don't think it has it's own kernel,
> etc). 

> I meant to make an analogy of the different between installing and 
> configuring an OS, and installing/configuring/using applications that 
> run on the OS, to point out that the previous post was more like the 
> latter. I guess I didn't do that very well.

Well, Cygwin in essence is a library. cygwin1.dll
the rest is a collection of tools built over it. But they are hardly
necessary, if you don't need them.

Also, please don't top-post. Thank you.

Andrey Repin ( 13.07.2012, <05:10>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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