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Re: pthread help

This is a question for a programming forum, cygwin is an operating system. For questions about using the programs in the cygwin package, it is better to post in an application specific forum. This is the pace for questions about installing such cygwin packages and related issues.

I would recommend these programming forums,

(look for the best sub-forum, I use the non-visual c++ forum most)

The Unix and Linux programming forums
(the top two posts here are also about pthread)


emon wrote:

Need urgent help on thread: the goal here is the separtemask will take each image and separate different contours and for each contour in the image it will call handleobject thread. So every for loop will call the handeobject thread. However, object index variable needs to be passed in each thread. But only last value of objectndex is passed, this is becuase the speratemask function loops and repalces the value of obj.objindx and only the last value of obj.objindx is passed to all the threads. Is there anyway to pass each objectindex value in handleobject. The code runs fine if we uncomment the pthread_join(tid[objectIndex],NULL); but it will not give a parralel program

void separateMask(IplImage *maskImg) {

for(r = contours; r != NULL; r = r->h_next){
cvSet(objectMaskImg, cvScalarAll(0), NULL);
CvScalar externalColor = cvScalarAll(0xff);
CvScalar holeColor = cvScalarAll(0x00);
int maxLevel = -1;
int thinkness = CV_FILLED;
int lineType = 8; /* 8-connected */
cvDrawContours(objectMaskImg, r, externalColor, holeColor, maxLevel,
thinkness, lineType, cvPoint(0,0));;
obj.objectMaskImg1[objectIndex]=(IplImage *) malloc(sizeof(IplImage));
pthread_create(&tid[objectIndex],NULL,handleObject,(void *)&obj);
printf("objectindx %d\n",obj.objindx);

// cvReleaseImage(&objectMaskImg);
printf("Exitng Separatemask\n");


void* handleObject(void *arg) { int i, j; handle *hndl; hndl=(handle *) malloc(sizeof(handle)); hndl=(handle*)arg; pthread_mutex_t lock=PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER; pthread_mutex_lock(&lock); IplImage *pImg; float statistics_ratio[3][9]; pthread_t tid3; tas3 tas2; pImg = cvLoadImage("image.tif", CV_LOAD_IMAGE_ANYCOLOR | CV_LOAD_IMAGE_ANYDEPTH); if(pImg == NULL){ fprintf(stderr, "Fail to load image %s\n", "tiff file"); return ; } tas2.pImg1=pImg; printf("tst%d\n",hndl->objindx); tas2.x=hndl->objindx; tas2.objectMaskImg1=hndl->objectMaskImg1[tas2.x]; tas2.statistics_ratio[3][9]=statistics_ratio[3][9]; double mean = average_intensity(pImg, tas2.objectMaskImg1); int total = total_white(pImg, tas2.objectMaskImg1); pthread_mutex_unlock(&lock);

printf("Exiting handle object thread_id %d\n\n", pthread_self());

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