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Re: Inconsistence on file operation when the name already exists with exe extension

You must be right in some points, but that is not the exact behavior of windows command although you pretend it to be (the powershell has a different behavior). In fact, I can independently operate file while file.exe exists:

copy file.exe file
Now there are file and file.exe

-- windows cmd.exe behaves like that:

del file: removes file only regardless of file.exe existence
del file.exe: removes file.exe only regardless of file existence

-- Cygwin behaves differently:

rm file.exe: will remove only file.exe if exists
rm file: will remove file if exists, and if not will remove file.exe

Considering this, may be be an issue when untaring a tarfile whose contents will match an already existing file in the directory with the exe extension. If both thefile and thefile.exe are packed in the tar, won't be an issue since thefile is alphabetically precedent to thefile.exe so both will be untared, but is just a mere coincidence that it works. Would be an issue if where the opposite.

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