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cygwin getpass broken recently? was: cygrunsrv fails to prompt for user password

----- Original Message ----- From: "Steven Hartland"

We're updating our servers to a newer version of cygwin (1.7.15)
from previous 1.7 version and in this version the install of
cygrunsrv (V1.40, Apr 25 2012) fails to correctly prompt for
a user password even though -u <username> is being specified.

It seems like cygrunsrv maybe checking for an "interactive"
session and incorrectly determining its not as in our case
we are running the cygrunsrv via ssh e.g.

ssh "cygrunsrv ...."

We know that this worked correctly in cygrunsrv V1.34, Mar 18

Bug introduced recently?

After inspecting the code for cygrunsrv and adding some debug I've determined this isn't a bug in the util but in cygwin's getpass function which I believe may have been changed recently by Corinna Vinschen, after googling around.

Is this a new issue caused by these changes Corinna?


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