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Linefeed without carriage return after quitting vim

Using the latest cygwin DLL (1.7.15-1) I am routinely encountering a
strange issue when quitting vim.  This only occurs if I have used ^Z
to suspend vim, restored it with fg, and later quit.  IOW things work
normally if I never suspend vim.

A problematic session looks something like:
[~]$ vim

[1]+  Stopped                 vim
[~]$ fg

The problem is evident in the last two lines which should be flush
with the left margin.  For comparison, substituing 'less' for 'vim':
[~]$ less /Cygwin.bat

[1]+  Stopped                 less -r /Cygwin.bat
[~]$ fg
less -r /Cygwin.bat

The terminal behaves normally so it doesn't seem like any settings get
corrupted (pressing enter gives me a properly-aligned prompt).
Currently, stty just outputs:

speed 38400 baud; line = 0;

but I have tried various settings of the newline / CR translations to no avail.

Interestingly, the "info" program exhibits the same behaviour.  I
thought maybe it would affect other "fullscreen" programs like "less"
or "man", but I couldn't reproduce it with those two (as shown above).

Any ideas what could be causing this / how to further diagnose?  It's
not a killer but it certainly looks weird.  This used to happen with
older cygwin dll's but IIRC it was never so reliably reproducible.

Thank you,

                                            -Sumudu Fernando

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