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RE: BLODA nominee: Seagate GoFlex Home file server

> From: Earnie Boyd 
> Is it possible to convert to NTFS?

Not easily. The GoFlex Home is an appliance that doesn't seem to have a documented way for users to reformat the file system.  But even a FAT file system supports FAT file attributes, so reformatting to NTFS shouldn't be necessary.

I have found a back door that gives me ssh access to the GoFlex Home.  However, it appears the GoFlex is running Samba 3.0.x on Linux.  I haven't looked into how Samba handles running on NTFS, so I don't know if that would help.  Also, Seagate distributes source for the Linux NTFS-3g driver as part of their GNU Source Code distribution the server.  So the disk might actually already be formatted using NTFS.

I found the apparent smb.conf file the server uses, and it looks like it fails to enable Samba's support for FAT file attributes.  If I don't get an official solution from Seagate, I may try modifying the smb.conf file and see if that fixes the issue.

Matt Seitz

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