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rxvt loses output connection with non cygwin console processes


i have discovered something peculiar.
I run my rxvt with the usual:

C:\cygwin\bin\rxvt.exe -bg wheat -fg black -sl 5000 -e /bin/bash -ls

now I try inside to run some *non* cygwin console program
rxvt shows nothing, and reports 30% cpu consumption

The actual program is executed, completes and control comes back to
bash, but the output is not there.
I can issue blindly other commands and see them in process list (e.g. ls -lR /)
I can also terminate the session with Ctrl-D or exit
As long as rxvt is running procexplorer reports 30% cpu usage.

This started to happen today after I did update (setup.exe)
The cygwin.dll version is 1.7.15-1
Now if I roll back cygwin.dll to 1.7.14-2 problem is gone.

The programs which triggers the problem are .net console applications
(2.0 or 4.0).
All cygwin binaries + java.exe work ok.

The trigger program runs ok in cmd.exe with bash.
And as a bonus, mintty has also similar problem. Cpu doesn't go as
high and input channel with bash is lost.


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