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bad performance when opening many files on Win7

I've seen major performance regressions on Win7 compared to an pre-1.7
Cygwin version on Win2000.  I had initially suspected the virus scanner
and disabling the real-time scan for the whole Cygwin folder did improve
things appreciably.  However the real performance hit when an
application opens or even just stats many files in succession (like Perl
is prone to at startup when it scans @INC) is still there.

Superficially it looks like you get 100% load on one CPU and the
application is busy, but perfmon tells you that the application sits on
its thumbs and the CPU is eaten by lsass.exe (which doesn't have any
file open or any network connection).  Eventually the application starts
doing what it is supposed to do, but lsass continues to eat CPU for a
few minutes.  I'm not even sure there's if it only happens for Cygwin
applications, but for those I can reliably reproduce it.  When I time
the application in Cygwin, I get something like less than a second user
time and over two minutes core time.

If someone has seen something like that and maybe there is some setup
that I can tweak to avoid this it would be great to know.

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