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error mounting smb shared with ~ in name


Is ~ allowed on a smb share name when mounting it? I keep getting errors while trying to mount //server/~foo via fstab.

If yes, can someone give me some tips for what to do to mount a share named \\server\~foo ?

Hereâs what I already tried:
- ls //server/~foo works â prints out the content for the dir
- editing fstab, and adding
//server/~foo /mnt/~foo smbfs binary,noacl 0 0
then doing
mount âa.
This printed out
mount: /mnt/~foo: Invalid argument
- changing in fstab, from //server/~foo to //server/xyz -- this worked. I.e. mount âa does not print out âmount: /mnt/~foo: Invalid argumentâ, and `ls /mnt/~foo` prints out the content of //server/xzy
- mounting the smb share directly did not worked either. Running
mount //server/~foo /mnt/foo
also prints out the invalid argument error.
It looks like mount command does not like ~ in the smb share name, though it is fine with ~ in the the mount point name. Unfortunately changing the share name is not an easy task, and I prefer making this work rather than always using long paths with hard-coded remote hostnames.

TIA for any help.

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