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Re: Escaping spaces in filenames with umlauts after updating from 1.7.9 to 1.7.10

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> That's a bug introduced almost 10 months ago and nobody noticed it.
> There are not so many people using Cygwin from cmd, I guess.  I admit
> I don't understand that either, given how unbearable cmd is.

> Anyway, that should be fixed now in CVS.  Please try the *next*
> developer's snapshot from

Wow, that was quick, thanks a lot. If I take the cygwin1.dll from the
latest snapshot everything works fine again, just like in 1.7.9.

My real concern wasn't cmd, I just chose it for the example as it is
easier to reproduce. The same thing happens if I call a cygwin program
(e.g. imagemagick) from within a Java program, that was my real issue.

By the way, @cgf: I did try it with 1.7.11 and mentioned in my original
mail that it showed the same behavior. Sorry for not trying the latest
snapshot, I never compiled cygwin myself, always just used setup.exe to
install the packages. I still thought this issue was worth reporting.

Thanks again and have a nice day...


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