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Re: cygstart doesn't handle question marks in mailto URLs

On 30/03/2012 9:27 AM, Ken Brown wrote:
If I type `cygstart mailto:recipient?subject=subject' at a Cygwin bash prompt, I expect my default Windows mail program to start an outgoing message with `recipient' as recipient and `subject' as subject. (This is what happens if I type the same URL into a `Start Menu -> Run' box.) What happens instead is that `recipient?subject=subject' shows up as the recipient, with the question mark replaced by something unprintable, and the subject is blank.

The same behavior is observed with `cygpath -wa ?' (and also cygpath -w, if the path passed in was non-trivial):
$ cygpath -wa ?

$ cygpath -w ?

$ cygpath -w ../?

FYI, the "unprintable" character is U+F03F, which is not even a valid unicode character.

Is this a bug in cygstart, or am I misunderstanding something?
I suspect a bug in the way cygwin1.dll handles conversion from unix- to windows-style paths.


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