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Hi folks,

we're about to release Cygwin 1.7.12.  This is mainly a bugfix release,
but a couple of bigger changes were required under the hood to fix some
of the bugs.

Please test the latest developer snapshot from
That's what we think should become 1.7.12.

Please report bugs to the cygwin at cygwin dot com mailing list.
Please follow the guidelines at
Be aware that we're mainly focusing on regressions from 1.7.11.

What's new:

- Cygwin now automatically populates the /dev directory with all
  existing POSIX devices.

- Add virtual /proc/PID/mountinfo file.

- flock now additionaly supports the following scenario, which requires
  to propagate locks to the parent process:

      flock -n 9 || exit 1
      # ... commands executed under lock ...
    } 9>/var/lock/mylockfile

  Only propagation to the direct parent process is supported so far,
  not to grand parents or sibling processes.

- Add a "detect_bloda" setting for the CYGWIN environment variable to help
  finding potential BLODAs.

Bug fixes:

- Fix a subtil, long-standing bug when reading the CYGWIN environment
  variable, which could result in overwriting unrelated memory.

- Fix wrong MB_CUR_MAX setting at process startup.

- Define tcgetsid with correct return type.

- Fix Ctrl-C handling in the console for Cygwin processes.
- Fix a bug in controlling tty handling when duplicating a console

- More fixes to handle DLL loading correctly.

- Fix a problem with a Windows network function misbehaving if the
  stack of the current thread is in the high address area.  Typically
  this only affected 64 bit systems.

- Fix a bug in Cygwin executable recognition which could result in
  some applications not started correctly.

- Don't handle 0 bytes reads on pipes as EOF.

- Fix scenarios in which the signal handling between parent and child
  process were broken due to a race condition.

- Fix a memory leak in synchronization calls like sleep or

- Fix definitions of MCAST_INCLUDE and MCAST_EXCLUDE in cygwin/socket.h.

- Simplify system time handling, fix return values of clock_getres and
  clock_setres for CLOCK_REALTIME, and fix potential infinite loop due
  to overagressive optimization.

- Avoid using a potentially unrelated handle as stdio handle.

- Fix a few potential crashes.



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