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Re: 1.7.11-1 Update returns non-zero exit codes for coreutils

On 3/29/2012 9:10 PM, Brian Wilson wrote:
From: Andrew

I just got this exact same thing and tried re-installing coreutils with no effect. Initially, I had been installing binutils, and was told to restart because I had left a cygwin console open during the install. Interested to hear what is known about this (recent) issue.

Interesting... I didn't have any consoles open (that I remember) during the update, but I've rebooted and done an update since this issue surfaced (again with no console open) and it hasn't resolved. I've been wondering if I should remove the C:\cygwin directories and try installing again. I'm hoping I won't have to do something that drastic.

I'd recommend making sure all Cygwin processes are stopped (including services) and try installing the cygwin and coreutils package again, along with anything else you'd like to include. If you're still having problems, cygcheck output will be helpful in any follow-up.



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