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Re: 1.7.11-1 Update returns non-zero exit codes for coreutils

Brian Wilson <wilson <at>> writes:

> > > While I can run the Cygwin terminal window, there appears to be a very 
> > > issue as I can't run commands like "cd", "ls", or "cygcheck" either.
> > 
> > Can you tell us what this means?  How did you determine that you can't run 
these commands?
> I opened the cygwin terminal and got the usual shell prompt.  I entered 
the "cd" or "ls" commands and got a
> command not found error.  I echoed  
> $PATH and saw that the path didn't look correct (which is why I assume the 
commands couldn't be found).  I
> would have expected to see /usr/bin and 
> /usr/local/bin in the path somewhere.  I didn't try giving the full path to 
these commands to see if the
> commands would have worked (I assume they 
> would, but will confirm tonight).
> I opened an Explorer session and went to C:\cygwin\bin and I could see the 
ls.exe and cygcheck.exe files
> were present so I presumed the issue was 
> with the $PATH not being set correctly.
> > > I can't run cygcheck or I would try to give the output as an attachment.
> > 
> > So you're saying c:\cygwin\bin\cygcheck.exe doesn't run from cmd.exe?
> > True for c:\cygwin\bin\ls.exe too?  What feedback do you get?
> I got the command not found error when I tried to run cygcheck from the 
shell.  Stupidly, I didn't try with the
> full path to the file in the shell. 
> I did open a windoz cmd window and ran the cygcheck command.  There were 
errors (which I didn't bother to
> record of course).  I will repeat this 
> attempt and send the results this evening.
> Sincerely,
> Brian S. Wilson

I just got this exact same thing and tried re-installing coreutils with no 
effect.  Initially, I had been installing binutils, and was told to restart 
because I had left a cygwin console open during the install.  Interested to 
hear what is known about this (recent) issue.

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