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Re: Giving interact with desktop permission to cyg_server

On 03/29/2012 01:06 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
For some mystical reason, Microsoft didn't remove this checkbox, but other than that, yes, you're hosed starting with Vista/2008.
Well that sucks! I'm stuck because I wish to remotely execute a script which uses a program (Excel) to get data and does not really display a window because as of 2008 I cannot bestow a right (interact with desktop) to a service that really shouldn't need that right! Thanks MS!

I believe I read somewhere that MS believes this to be some sort of security hole but they should recognize that in some more controlled situations like being in the intranet operating on servers that probably don't even have displays where this should be allowed.

I guess that checkbox then doesn't do anything. I wonder if anybody has ever reported it...
The workaround suggested in all Microsoft docs is to split the job into two processes, one started as service, the other started on the local desktop, and then to control the desktop process from the service process via some means of IPC.
Yes but how can this be done in the context of the service being Cygwin's ssh and the desire being to simply run build scripts, some of which read Excel files???

Oh well, thanks for the answer, Corinna, even though the news is not good. Now to attempt to deal with this problem with asking the question of the developers "Could you use some other form of input than an Excel spreadsheet! - geeze!" ;-)
Andrew DeFaria <>
Don't you hate when your hand falls asleep and you know it will be up all night.

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