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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: _autorebase. Call rebaseall after installing new or updated DLLs

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> > Minor nit: rebaseall picks up a file with the suffix ".osc" in the texmf
> > tree that isn't actually a DLL.
> Sure?  Have a look into the rebaseall script:
> I don't see how it should be able to pick up a file with the suffix .osc.

Slip of fingers. It picks up:



This should have a .m suffix really since it contains octave commands.

> You were using a not quite up-to-date mirror.  THis should be fixed
> in the meantime.

Trickling in by now.  Cygports doesn't seem to have these dependencies yet and
of course I'll have to add them to my locally rolled packages, since I don't use
upset/genini for them.
> Feel free to participate in further development of the rebase tool.
> Patches for useful functionality is always welcome.  The right forum is
> the cygwin-apps list.

Thanks for the invitation.


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