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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] update: fltk-1.3 (partially in test)

On 3/28/2012 9:41 PM, A.R. Burgers wrote:
a recent version of fltk 1.3 has been uploaded.
The 1.3 announcement can be found here:

from the fltk website:

/ This is basically FLTK-1.1.10 with extra features, but with an
incompatible ABI.
The new features include: full UTF-8 Unicode support, which allows
non-Latin text such as Greek and Cyrillic; new Fl_Tree, Fl_Table and
Fl_Native_Filechooser widgets; printing support; a device abstraction
and a new progamming manual generated from the code using Doxygen./

Since fltk 1.3 has an incompatible abi, the fltk-1.1 dlls remain available.
The devel and doc packages are still marked as test.

Thanks to Yaakov for his help with the packaging.


just built the octave devel with fltk-1.3. It works but I noticed a curious bug

when plotting complex images, if the plot window is positioned lower than the other xterm window the plot window is sometime incomplete and
stop at the end of the other xterm window.
If the plot window is positioned higher than the other
xterm window this does not happen.

Clicking with the cursor on the plot window usually make
the full image to appear. (not always at the first trial)

Also moving the plot window around could cause the
the image to disappear and be replaced by a copy
of the other xterm window.
Changing focus , not always at first trial, solve the issue.


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