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Giving interact with desktop permission to cyg_server

I've set up ssh on some Windows 2003 and 2008 servers. These servers are intended to be used to build software and the like driven by using Cygwin's OpenSSH. Largely it works well, however...

One process that fails is a Perl process that opens an Excel spreadsheet using OLE. Note that it does not actually open a window or at least not a visible window, but rather it reads data out of the Excel spreadsheet. Excel does run in the background.

So, when we ssh into one of these servers and attempt to run this Perl process the open of the Excel spreadsheet fails. I suspect the problem is that even though it doesn't show an open window it does interact with the desktop (seems dumb to me). So I'd like to bestow interact with desktop right to the sshd service. You can do that if you use a Local System account but Cygwin requires the setting up of another user, cyg_server, to have sshd run as in order for ssh to work properly. How then do I bestow on the cyg_server user the right to interact with the desktop?

I see this - - in which Larry says "MS removed that feature in Vista so...". Does this mean I'm hosed? There still seems to be an Interact with Desktop toggle for Local System...
Andrew DeFaria <>
One of the great tragedies of life is the murder of a beautiful theory by a gang of brutal facts. - Benjamin Franklin

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