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Re: mkpasswd and domain fail with windows network

Furash, Gary F - (furashg) wrote:

I've had this problem in the past with in other organizations and have never been able to get around it.

Problem: running mkpasswd w/ '-D' doesn't work/finish

Details: I am running Cygwin on Windows 7 64 bit in a typical work environment. I don't think that matters because I've had this exact problem before with other employers. The MKGROUP command with the domain parameter works fine, and populates all the real domains into /etc/groups. However, - if I run mkpasswd with only -L, I just get the local accounts, none of which are me (I'm part of a domain);
- if I run mkpasswd with -D, it just hangs indefinitely
- it doesn't matter if I run it as Administrator or not
- it doesn't matter if port 135 is open or not. I checked that because if I run the mkpasswd -D command with the laptop disconnected from the network, it actually fails with an RPC unable to contact domain error.
- using -D versus -d doesn't make a difference, as does adding -l (it just spits out the local accounts then fails or hangs.

Have you tried running it with 'strace -f -n mkpasswd ...' and see where it seems to be hanging up? At least you might be able to tell if it is trying to read or just hung for some other reason.

FWIW, I have a tiny domain @home, and it's currently working... (its an off then on again thing depending on windows updates, samba updates, not to mention cygwin updates... and how they all play together..always a joy!)

Also, if it looks like it might be stuck in some call, you could try using 'wireshark', to look at the network traffic to/from your machine and see if it is downloading a long list of what looks like users/domains (unless your network
is encrypted, then you'll see a long string of binary...)

Just some ideas...

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