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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gq-1.3.4-1: Interactive graphical LDAP browser


A new version of 'gq' has been uploaded to a server near you.

 o Routine update to latest upstream release
 o Build for cygwin 1.7.11 with gcc-4.5.3

gq NEWS:

GQ 1.3.4

This is the second release candidate for GQ 1.4.0. It contains some bug fixes
for GQ 1.3.3 and is supposed to become stable in the near future. Thanks a lot
to the contributors.

  Bug Fixes
   * fix infinite loop in the form field (Herbert Straub)
   * migrate the default widget of a dialog, too (reported by Herbert Straub)
   * fix the "New from Entry" dialog (Herbert Straub)
  Build System
   * get the code to compile on Solaris (reported and tested by Brandon Hume)
   * fix icon cache update (reported by Pawel Salek)
  Distrubution Support
   * updated rpm spec file (Pawel Salek)

GQ 1.3.3

This is the release candidate for GQ 1.4.0, if no bugs appear, this will be
released as the stable 1.4.0 soon.

  Bug Fixes
   * "Edit Server" entry opening the wrong properties dialog; Closes #1632609
   * problem creating filters from search tabs; Closes #1632618
   * disable "Disconnect" menu item on disconnected servers; Closes #1636972
   * fixed segmentation fault; Closes #1636956
   * keep our own reference on the input form as we might lose it in
     set_content() otherwise; Closes #1638775
   * fix second crash from bug #1642786
   * fixed some compile time warnings; added another data check before
     dereferencing a pointer; Fixes #1645495
   * Fixed a typo (bug 1697605). Reported and patch provided by Andreas

GQ 1.3.2

  Build Features
   * gnome-doc-utils for a translatable manual
  User visible Features
   * include the icons that were promised in the last release
   * fixed the crasher intorduced by the GtkTreeView port of the browser
   * capability of comparing items (select two items in the browser,
     right-click and select compare)
   * updated label colors in the browser to match the tango palette
   * added the beginning of a manual
  Hidden Features
   * icon label colors in the browser are themeable now

GQ 1.3.1

  Build Features
   * added a header file for wrapping ldap.h including the potentially
     necessary LDAP_DEPRECATED (fixes bug #1576846)
  User visible Features
   * Tabs have close buttons
   * the debugging dialog is moved to the help menu
   * fixed a crash while state-laoding (bug #1576846, patch taken from NetBSD
     and ported to trunk)
   * fixed a crash related to command line options
   * the browser uses a GtkTreeView and indicates the node status with icons
  Hidden Features
   * removed beeps when trying to show already visible windows
   * GObjectified several pieces of code

GQ 1.3.0

  Build Features
   * fixed RPM build with additional locales
   * increased Gnome Keyring dependency to match with the used API
   * improved the gcrypt check
   * display more warnings while compiling (these are supposed to be fixed for
     GQ 1.4.0)
   * dropped language pack support
  User visible Features
   * implemented a working tab history (you'll see this when closing more than
     two tabs in a row)
   * re-designed the search tab to be more appealing
     * moved the search type from the preferences into the search tab
     * search results are displayed in a GtkTreeView (not GtkCList anymore)
   * tried to fix the button order on the dialogs
   * added new server dialog to be more appealing, loaded from Glade, and
     to behave nicer
   * server lists are kept in a GtkTreeModel implementation and are displayed
     by GtkTreeView and GtkComboBox right now
   * saving LDAP entries is more intuitive right now
     * the export format gets selected in the file dialog, not in the
     * use GtkFileChooser instead of GtkFileSelection when saving LDAP entries
  Hidden Features
   * renamed structures
     * struct inputform => GqInputForm
   * encapsulation for several server attributes
   * moved the login dialog into an extra class
   * improved the internal keyring API to make it implementable with Apple
   * don't store password in structures (only load them from the keyring on


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