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Re: All clear (was Re: 2012-03-19 snapshot problematic (was Re: cygwin-1.7.10-1 fork - address space needed by ... already in use))

On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 12:38:00AM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>> On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 08:10:46AM +0059, Denis Excoffier wrote:
>> >The snapshot 20120321 05:29:25 UTC has still the following problems:
>> The current snapshot should fix the hang issues.
I'm balancing between reporting quickly and reporting too quickly, but
indeed, using snapshot that itself indicates '20120321 15:56:37':
- 'exec /usr/bin/tcsh' works with no waitproc message
- 'man tr' works with no hang
- xinit works
- build of cygwin-src-20120321.tar.bz2 is ok
- 'many compiles during all night' work with no special message
  (i grepped '[[]main[]]' and '[[]waitproc[]]' in all stdout's and
  stderr's, no result)
  Before, it would have produced about 10 'process synchronization
  failed' messages...

Of course, i use this snapshot now, perhaps it's time for 1.7.12?
I'll nevertheless try the following in the next hours:
- compilation of GCC 4.7.0-RC-20120314 (or plain 4.7.0 if available?)
- in tcsh: several concurrent combinations of 'make -j 3', 'make',
  fg, Control-Z, bg, which has shown to make tcsh to expose '(badjob)'
  and the PC to hang sometimes.
  The Makefile is as follows:
% cat Makefile | tr '\011' 'é'
X:=${shell seq 10001 11000}
Y:=${patsubst %,c%,${X}}
all: ${Y}
é@for once in once; do \
    # printf "{$@}"; \
    Z=`date | sed -e 's|2012|2011|g'`; \
    Z=`ls /C* | tr C D`; \
    # echo $${Z}; \

I feel that a nice job has been done. Thank you.


Denis Excoffier.

P.S. What to do next? cgf has already received so many gold stars...

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