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aplus-fsf (XWarpPointer)

My current stumbling block:
When compiling  aplus-fsf-4.22/src/main/aplus_main.c
I get many errors related to X11.

case in point:
undefined reference to '_XWarpPointer' in AGIF.o

does use XWarpPointer:

static I warpPointer(MSWidgetView *pWidgetView_)
  if (pWidgetView_!=0 && pWidgetView_->mapped()==MSTrue)
      return 0;
      return -1;

but AGIF.C also contains the statement     #include <X11/Xlib.h>  .
include/X11/Xlib.h does appear to define XWarpPointer:

extern int XWarpPointer(
    Display*            /* display */,
    Window              /* src_w */,
    Window              /* dest_w */,
    int                 /* src_x */,
    int                 /* src_y */,
    unsigned int        /* src_width */,
    unsigned int        /* src_height */,
    int                 /* dest_x */,
    int                 /* dest_y */

Any ideas why _XWarpPointer is considered undefined
when compiling aplus-fsf-4.22/src/main/aplus_main.c  ?

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