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Re: How to run Hadoop on Cygwin with proper credentials to enable setting file permissions, etc.?

On 3/14/2012 9:32 AM, James Adams wrote:
I cannot change the permissions on files when I run Hadoop in Cygwin: Failed to set permissions of path:
\tmp\hadoop-James\mapred\staging\James-1143336710\.staging to 0700

From what I've gathered you can't really run Cygwin as root since
Windows doesn't really have a notion of root (reference:, and I've tried to
run Cygwin as the Administrator user but this option isn't available
to me when I right click on the Cygwin shortcut in Windows XP (I've
also tried changing the Cygwin shortcut's properties to allow me to
run as another user but that option is disabled).

Can anyone advise me as to how I can get past this issue?  Thanks in
advance for your help.

I'm guessing you're not a member of the Administrators group then.



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