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Re: sys/filio.h

[formatting fixed]
On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 04:23:32PM -0400, Tom Szczesny wrote:
>There are several places in the source code that have the following
>type of construction:
>#if defined(_AIX) || defined(linux) || defined(__alpha) || defined(__APPLE__)
>extern "C" {
>#include <sys/ioctl.h>
>extern "C" {
>#include <sys/filio.h>}
>As a temporary measure, I have added a line at the beginning of each
>construction, stating:
>#define linux
>While this works as a temporary fix, I need to know the name of the
>variable automatically defined by Cygwin so that I can do something
>#if defined(_AIX) || defined(linux) || defined(__alpha) || defined(__APPLE__) || defined(cygwin)
>There is quite a long build going at the momemt, and I don't want to
>interrupt it to test out different possibilities.Can you either confirm
>that the defined variable is named "cygwin", or tell me what the actual
>name is?

You don't have to interrupt a build to play with the c compiler or
grep /usr/include.

As a fish teaching exercise, try this command:

gcc -xc /dev/null -dD -E


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