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Re: Looking for txt editors, GUI - New to CYGWIN

Greetings, Andrew DeFaria!

>> Thanks, that helps!  I am trying to learn more about Apps and how they work
>> with UNIX.  Are there any TextEditor or GUI apps that I can download and put
>> into the BIN, and then execute them from Cygwin?
> Most people use vim,

vim have two modes of work: in first one it beeps, in second - breaks

> BTW: You don't "download and put into the BIN" anything. You use 
> setup.exe to "install" Cygwin apps. You could augment your PATH to 
> include paths to other editors/apps on your system but if your trying to 
> use the command line as simply a launcher of other, non-Cygwin Windows 
> apps then you're not really getting it...

Moreover, you don't need to do either.
Just get a text editor that suits your needs.
Notepad+ is often suggested.
I'm using Far manager's internal editor. (Which is far more powerful.)

Andrey Repin ( 16.03.2012, <21:51>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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