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Re: Looking for txt editors, GUI - New to CYGWIN

On 03/16/2012 06:53 AM, Earthprime wrote:
Hi everyone, and thanks for your time and assistance.  I'm relatively new to
UNIX and cygwin and have been mastering the system over the past few days.
I want to start using TXT editors and GUIs, though I can't figure out how to
launch them from cygwin, if they come with the install package.  Can anyone
give me the prompt commands to launch a GUI and Text Editor, or tell me
where to download the apps so I can add them to my BIN folder?

If you want to use Cygwin to learn about Linux, then it is time to start using an editor that is also available Linux.

The to most popular editors are vim and emacs. You can install them via setup.exe. The standard ones are text-mode versions.

For vim there is a GUI version named 'gvim'. What I do is install the normal Windows version of gvim. When you install gvim with the batch scripts for command-line use, then you can run gvim from the Cygwin console. You can download gvim from

I have never used emacs.

best regards,
Erwin Waterlander

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