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Can't find program in my path

I can't find a particular application in my path.  It used to work,
but I haven't run this application since the last couple of Cygwin

# set

path    (. /cygdrive/d/Home/bin /usr/local/emacs/bin /usr/local/bin
/usr/bin /cygdrive/c/Program Files (x86)/NVIDIA
Corporation/PhysX/Common /cygdrive/d/Perl/site/bin
/cygdrive/d/Perl/bin /cygdrive/d/ActiveState Perl Dev Kit 9.1.1/bin
/cygdrive/c/Windows/system32 /cygdrive/c/Windows
/cygdrive/c/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Acronis/SnapAPI
/cygdrive/d/utility/Diskeeper Corporation/Undelete /cygdrive/c/Program
Files (x86)/QuickTime/QTSystem /cygdrive/d/utility/DISKEE~1/DISKEE~1
/cygdrive/d/WATCOM/BINNT /cygdrive/d/WATCOM/BINW /usr/bin)

# ls "/cygdrive/d/ActiveState Perl Dev Kit 9.1.1/bin"

lib               Perl514NH911.dll  perlapp-gui.exe  perlcov-perl.exe
perlfb.exe       perltray.exe      plc-gui.exe
Perl510NH911.dll  Perl58NH911.dll   perlcov.exe      perlctrl.exe
perlsvc.exe      perltray-gui.exe  vbsperl.exe
Perl512NH911.dll  perlapp.exe       perlcov-gui.exe  perlctrl-gui.exe
perlsvc-gui.exe  plc.exe

# ls -l perlapp

-rwx------+ 1 SYSTEM SYSTEM 401504 Dec  9 02:01 perlapp.exe

JJR:~> which perlapp
perlapp: Command not found.

JJR:~> which perlapp.exe
perlapp.exe: Command not found.

perlapp is clearly in that directory.  I tried some other "which"
commands with files further into the path and they were found.

I even did a "chmod og+rwx perlapp.exe" and nothing changed.

Running latest of everything:

CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW64 JJR 1.7.11(0.260/5/3) 2012-02-24 14:05 i686 Cygwin

Jim Reisert AD1C, <>,

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