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Re: [bug] Something fishy going on with sqlite3...

Renà Berber <> writes:
> Right.  Problem is I can't reproduce the error.

I don't have any better information at the moment.

> I'm not using a snapshot, I'm at "1.7.11(0.260/5/3) 2012-02-24", and the
> operation you show, using mintty:

I've switched to snapshots due to other problems (no Ctrl-C in console)
and have just been updating them whenever a new one came out.  I can't
say for sure it has to do with the snapshot, but since you can't
reproduce it I might have to revert the installation to the release
version and try again.

> $ sqlite3 test

I doubt it makes any difference, but I didn't give any file name when
invoking SQLite.

[...]> SQLite version 3.7.3
> Enter ".help" for instructions
> Enter SQL statements terminated with a ";"
> sqlite>
> seq  name             file
> ---  ---------------  ---------------------------------------
> 0    main             C:\Cygwin\home\rberber\test
> 1    temp

If the temp table is really not associated with a file, then this test
didn't trigger the bug most likely.  In my test case the temporary file
supposedly should be named etilqs-<something random>.

> sqlite> .schema two
> name CHAR (64) NOT NULL
> );
> No access denied.  The file test is created in the same directory, also
> .sqlite_history .

In case it wasn't clear in my first posting, I can create a new table
(not marked TEMPORARY) just fine.  Before or after getting the "access
denied" error I can create "real" tables as much as I want, it is only
the temporary ones that give trouble and only when they are set to go to
files, not memory.  I didn't see anything that jumped out on me in the

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