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[bug] Something fishy going on with sqlite3...

I've been trying to troubleshoot an SQLite failure that boils down to
this: SQLite catches an access denied error when trying to create a
_temporary_ table and only when sqlite3 is run from mintty.  If I do the
same thing in a console, all is well (as I found out when trying to
strace the sqlite3 process in another window).

:> sqlite3
:sqlite> CREATE TEMP TABLE two (
:   ...>     id INTEGER NOT NULL,
:   ...>     name CHAR (64) NOT NULL
:   ...> );

I'm already at the 2012-03-14 snapshot.  I currently work around by
compiling SQLite to use only memory and nver a file for temporary
tables, but it seems that there may be a larger problem lurking here.

The same thing happens with the packaged sqlite3, a freshly compiled one
from the source package and the version that is delivered with the
DBD::SQLite package from CPAN.

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