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Re: Fw: Cygwin updates cause rebaseall errors

On Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 02:11:10PM -0400, Chloe wrote:
>FYI, this may be a problem with Cygwin setup causing packages and DLLs not 
>to work.

This is a well-known issue.  A future version of the Cygwin installation
will run rebaseall automatically so it should not be as much of a
problem.  I'd highly suggest not including pointers to random web sites
as a method to fix this issue but, instead, point to the Cygwin FAQ and
the Cygwin mailing list.  Expressing confusion about the issue ("We have
no idea?") seems wrong too, but the perl community's call I guess.

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>Subject: Re: [ #75664] Fails 09parser test in Cygwin with *** 
>fatal error
><URL: >
>This shouldn't be an Inline::C bug.  The issue can impact just about
>anything that runs under cygwin, and that uses DLL's.  It's likely
>that what is getting clobbered is the C compiler.  Apparently after
>upgrading some packages on cygwin, a rebaseall command may be
>necessary.  The symptom seems to be wonky behavior across a number of
>assorted tools (not just Perl, or the C compiler).
>Here are some links on the topic:
>My suggestion is to document the issue in a future release of Inline
>by placing the following segment in the Inline FAQ, or the Inline::C
>README (not sure which would be better):
>    Q: Why am I getting errors under cygwin after
>        upgrading some cygwin packages?
>    A: We have no idea, but it seems to be a cygwin
>        issue that will affect a number of
>        tools on your system, including the C compiler.
>        The solution is to execute a
>        'rebaseall' after terminating all long-running processes.
>        Here are links to a couple of articles that describe
>        how to do that:
>...and then include the links above, or just copy and paste the
>examples of how to run rebaseall.
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