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Fw: Cygwin updates cause rebaseall errors

FYI, this may be a problem with Cygwin setup causing packages and DLLs not 
to work.

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Subject: Re: [ #75664] Fails 09parser test in Cygwin with *** 
fatal error

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This shouldn't be an Inline::C bug.  The issue can impact just about
anything that runs under cygwin, and that uses DLL's.  It's likely
that what is getting clobbered is the C compiler.  Apparently after
upgrading some packages on cygwin, a rebaseall command may be
necessary.  The symptom seems to be wonky behavior across a number of
assorted tools (not just Perl, or the C compiler).

Here are some links on the topic:

My suggestion is to document the issue in a future release of Inline
by placing the following segment in the Inline FAQ, or the Inline::C
README (not sure which would be better):

    Q: Why am I getting errors under cygwin after
        upgrading some cygwin packages?
    A: We have no idea, but it seems to be a cygwin
        issue that will affect a number of
        tools on your system, including the C compiler.
        The solution is to execute a
        'rebaseall' after terminating all long-running processes.
        Here are links to a couple of articles that describe
        how to do that:

...and then include the links above, or just copy and paste the
examples of how to run rebaseall.

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