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Re: How to I generate a hyper or super modifier in cygwin emacs under X

On 14/03/2012 16:03, Ken Brown wrote:
> On 3/14/2012 7:19 AM, Leo wrote:
>> I try to set up emacs in a way that I can use key bindings like H-x
>> (Hyper + character x). In NT emacs the alt key could be configured to
>> issue the hyper or super modifier code and NOT the Meta modifier.
>> In Cygwin emacs under X I am not able to achieve this: Normal behavior
>> is that Alt issues Meta (M-x for example), but then there is no
>> distinction between alt and escape. :-(
>> I'm not sure wether this is an emacs or an X server issue, but I *think*
>> it is an emacs issue (therefor I send it to the cygwin list and not to
>> the cygwin-xfree list): Via the X tool xmodemap I tried to set the
>> "mod1" modifier, but in emacs it gets mapped to "Meta".
>> but Cgwin emacs still maps Alt to meta! I tried mod3-mod5 as well, but
>> no luck, emacs seems to map all modifier apart from control and shift to
>> meta, instead mapping some to Hyper (H- ) or Super (S- )

This is the wrong approach.  Changing the mod which Alt_R accesses doesn't
change the keysym which Alt_R.

If you peruse the xkeyboard-config manual page, you'll find a couple of
options which relate to mapping keys to hyper/super, which you can use.

e.g. if you start the X server with the additional option '-xkboptions
caps:hyper' (or run 'setxkbmap -option caps:hyper' after starting the X
server), then the capslock key generates the Hyper_L keysum)

(Note that mapping the Windows keys to hyper also requires the -keyhook
option, so that the X server sees those keys before the Windows shell)

(If these mapping options available in xkeyboard-config don't meet your needs,
you'll have to customize them)

Alternatively, google seems to suggest you could set the emacs variables
x-hyper-keysym, x-super-keysym etc. in some fashion to get emacs to recognize
other keysyms as hyper or super keys.

> Your questions really do seem to be about X.  I think you're more likely to
> get help if you send this to the cygwin-xfree list.  I myself don't have a clue.
> Also, are you sure this is a Cygwin issue?  Do you have the same problem on
> Linux?  Keep in mind that Cygwin tries to provide Linux-like behavior in
> general, and emacs is no exception.

This is completely correct.  Unless your keyboard has super and hyper keys,
you will have (perhaps via some GUI tool which selects the xkeyboard-config
options above), adjusted the keyboard config under linux to cause some key to
emit the Hyper keysym.

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