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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: texlive-collection-*-20120312-1

> My guess is still that it's a fontconfig issue.
> I'm not an expert on that, but I would suggest that you try `fc-cache -fsv'
> (and capture the output).
> If that runs without errors,
> then we'll have to look for something else in the postinstall scripts.

~> fccache -fsv
bash: fccache: command not found

fccache appears to reside in libfontconfig-devel and was not "required" by anything I asked for.
Basically I ran
setup -P lyx
and that way got, or seemed to get, or rather, thought I was getting, everything I could possibly need that was TeX-related.
1 I'll now ask for libfontconfig-devel.
2 This is rather esoteric and non-obvious, and yet evidently needed. Could the requirement be built in to setup.ini?
3 Or should I have known to ask for more than just lyx to get "all I could possibly need that was TeX-related"?
I have to say, I zoomed in on this convenient catch-all only after much scrutiny of setup.ini and very careful note of what "required" what.
Thanks very much, anyway. I'll pull down libfontconfig-devel and see how things go from there ...


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